Invoking Memories Through Glass Art

Art is something that speaks to our soul. Every piece should take you somewhere; a dream, a memory, or a breath of happiness.

Every artist has their own medium though we each have one thing in common -
​to experience the emotional connection another individual has to our work.

Inspiration can be found in everything that surrounds us, but nothing limits the true beauty and inspiration then that provided by nature. From spring flowers to beach waves, changing leaves in fall to the snow covered fields in winter; the color palette of nature provides a breathtaking canvas of creativity to draw from.

Art is passed from the hands of the artist to connect you to your memories. The connection forged to each bead is special. Every glass bead tells a different tale. They invoke memories, tell a story, or by simply taking in their beauty each one has their own meaning.

Every Bead is unique and created one at a time.
Through trials and tears, burns and long nights, the end result and I have a connection.

I am my art.

​My dream is to share this art - each memory and each story, with the world.